• The Freedom and Confidence 
    to go where you want safely

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  • Know the Places You Visit are Safe

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  • Know Your Workplace is Safe

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One Smart Little App

Because there is still a real world out there to visit!

Simple, fast COVID screening and visitor logs with zero installation.

Help you customers be confident to visit their favorite businesses, events and places.

Help stop the pandemic and start enjoying life again.

Add your own business branding, location  information and feedback requests.

Get Started with a our professional, zero download solution.

SiteSafe makes it super easy with a Contact-less, Paperless Solution that Protects Your Privacy.

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Visit the Places you Love Again.  Safely.

The Freedom to go to your favorite neighborhood business, hair stylist, chiropractor, restaurant, or event.

No more filling out questionnaires and forms every time you do.

Stealth Privacy Protection Technology. 

Find Out How

Easy One Click COVID Solution

Use yourcamera phone to scan a QR code when you enter.

No information is shared between you and the business.

Reasons to Use SiteSafe™

Freedom and Confidence Made Smart and Easy.


A few clicks and it's done.  Seriously.  That's it.


Use it whenever you want.    Works on IOS and Android.  No requirement to download, buy or install anything.


No Bluetooth broadcasting your information or draining your battery.  Your data is encrypted, secure, and never sold to anyone.  

For People

Easy and free.  

Do what you want to do again.  Safely.

Know your favorite business is keeping you safe.

Know your employer is keeping you safe.

Share only what you want with who you want, 

and only  when you want.  

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For Businesses

Easy, fast, and really inexpensive.

Customize and brand to look like you!

Don't mess with people's privacy.

Ensure employees are fit to work safely.

Know your customers are healthy to enter.

Be able to confirm it.

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For Contributors

Create and distribute credentials for free.

Certifications, training and questionnaire results.

Badges and company ID.

Mobile membership and access passes.

Confirm lab results and vaccinations.

Provide 100% client control and privacy.

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Choose SiteSafe™

What are you waiting for?  

We can get you started in only a few minutes with nothing to buy. 

Have questions?  Contact us at info@sitesafe.app

We would be happy to help you get started!