SiteSafe™ for Business

Just minutes to setup your SiteSafe business account. 

Then display your own branded sign at your entrance.

That's it!

Reasons to Use SiteSafe™

Freedom and Confidence 
Made Smart and Easy.

A simple solution.

Fast and easy self-service check-in.

Automatic visitor logs with once-a-day health-checks.

Multi-location, multi-entrance support. 

Your company branding and site-specific information.

Contactless, paperless solution that protects privacy.

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Do You Know 
There are five ways COVID-19 can shut down your business?

Authorities could close your businesses for only 2 cases. 

OH&S considers COVID-19 a workplace risk.

You could be sued if someone gets ill from COVID-19.

You could lose key employees for weeks withCOVID-19.

You could lose customers.

Keep your business safer and open with SiteSafe™


Do You Know 
Experts recommend Entry Screening for COVID-19?

You can prevent up to 60% of disease transmission by restricting symptomatic people from entering your business.

Not just a sign out front.   A real questionnaire and visitor log.  

SiteSafe make it fast, easy and secure.

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One click to create a visitor log and confirm what you need to know for safe entry to your business. 


Works on IOS and Android devices.  No special equipment to buy or install.


No Bluetooth transmissions.  Businesses do not store any contact information from employees or customers.

Easy One Click 
COVID Solution

Use your camera phone 

Scan the QR code when you enter

The app does the rest

Get started for free.

Step One
Create your own business account

Create your free account in minutes.   No  credit card information or contracts.   Just enter your business contact information , add your company logo, add the locations you want to manage and print your unique entry sign to display.  Unlimited number of locations and an unlimited number of employees and customers can now use your account for free to Dec 31, 2021.   Affordable useage plans available in 2021.

Step Two
Join a free 20 minute Getting Started webinar

Learn how to use the advanced features of branding, customer feedback, brochures, location information, menus, specials, etc. to help you build your business!    Click here to pick a time and date convenient to you!

Step Three
Let your employees, clients and visitors use it

Visitors and employees open the camera on their Apple or Android device, scan the custom QR code on your entrance sign, and the app does the rest.   When they complete the simple built-in COVID-19 self assessment,  a simple pass or fail that can be shown to your staff.


Automate your visitor log and confirm your employees, customers and suppliers are symptom free.  Setup in minutes.  Completely contact-less.


Set-up your free account.  Create a unique sign for each location you want to manage.  That is it.   Free till the end of the year.  Affordable plans available.

Nothing to buy

Works on Apple or Android smartphones and tablets.   No special hardware to buy or  install.   Cancel anytime.

Start Today!

How much easier can it be?   If you have any questions, need help 

or just want to talk about how SiteSafe can make your business safer,

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