SiteSafe™ for People

A simple, secure app that gives you back the freedom and confidence to go where you want to go.  

Safely.  Privately.

Reasons to Use SiteSafe™

Freedom and Confidence 
Made Smart and Easy

Do You Know 

Staying away from people who have COVID-19 is one of the best ways to not get sick.  The CDC Centre for Disease Control and Prevention estimates up to 60% of transmission comes from people who have symptoms but are unaware, ignore or fail to disclose it.  So why don't morebusinesses check people?  Because until now, it was hard to do.

SiteSafe now makes it easy for businesses to ensure that everyone there is symptom free. 

Do You Know 

SiteSafe uses unique Stealth Privacy Protection.  Your details are hidden by encryption, never shared with the business.

SiteSafe only works when you choose to use it.  Nothing is constantly broadcasting.

SiteSafe does NOT sell your data to anyone.  That promise is in our User Agreement.

SiteSafe does not participate in advertising programs.  You will not suddenly get spammed because of us.

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A few clicks and it's done.  Seriously.  That's it.


Use it whenever you want.    Free  to employees, customers and visitors.   Businesses  pay to use it.   Works on IOS and Android.  Nothing to download or install.


No Bluetooth broadcasting your information or draining your battery.   Everything is encrypted, secure and kept private.  You can even let businesses know about a change in your health status anonymously.

Step One

Just Use it!

Open your camera phone.   Scan the business SiteSafe™ QR code.   Add your phone number and name so you can be contacted by Health Professionals later if there are any potential health risks you should know about .  Then answer the latestest COVID questions in a few clicks and you are done.  The result is good for 24 hours so you can re-use it anywhere that has a SiteSafe sign.