SiteSafe for People

A simple, secure app that gives you back the freedom and confidence to go where you want to go.  Safely.

Less than 3 minutes to get started and free to use.

Keep your private information private, out of the hands of businesses and government.

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Reasons to Use SiteSafe

Freedom and Confidence Made Smart and Easy.

Do You Know 

Staying way from people who have COVID-19 is one of the best ways to not get sick.  Duh.

But the CDC Centre for Disease Control and Prevention estimates up to 60% of transmission is from people who have symptoms but are unaware or ignore it.

So why don't businesses check people?  Because until now, it was hard to do.

SiteSafe now makes it easy for businesses to screen everyone for symptoms.

Do You Know 

SiteSafe uses unique Stealth Privacy Protection.  Your details are hidden by an encrypted, constantly changing code.

SiteSafe only works when you choose to use it.  Nothing is constantly broadcasting.

SiteSafe keeps your information under your control. Your details are never sent to businesses without your knowledge

SiteSafe does NOT sell your data to anyone.  That promise is even in our End-User Agreement.

SiteSafe lets you choose when and who you want to interact with. Businesses cannot read your information.  


One click and it's done.  Seriously.  That's it.


Use it whenever you want.    Free to use for people.   Businesses  pay only a small transaction fee when they use it.   Works on IOS and Android.  No special equipment to buy or install.  Flexible features and options.


No Bluetooth constantly broadcasting your information or draining your battery.  No personal information transmitted to strangers or shared with businesses or government.  Everything is encrypted and secure.

Step One - Download the App onto your phone

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and download SiteSafe

Step Two - Register to Get your Stealth QR Code

When you start the app, it will walk you through registration. You will need either data enabled on your phone or a good WIFI connection.  Part of the registration process is to add a selfie photo to make sure it is you when you use it. 

Step Three - Use it

Use your app to find businesses that use SiteSafe.  If your favorite business doesn't, tell them about us!   

To use it, open the app and show your unique QR code to the business.  They will scan it to confirm you feel healthy enough to go inside.  Every business can have their own requirements, but if you don't meet them, the app will tell you why.  If you want to know what the business locations requirements are in advance, you can look them up on SiteSafe!