About Us


Our Mission

We  are committed to building solutions that enable people to move freely in their communities and businesses to stay safer.   We make it easy to be confident that people around them are healthy, have the credentials and qualifications they say they have, and work for who they say they do - all without having to share any personal information.

No one else does that. 
We think it's about time someone did.

Our Team

We are proud to be open and honest about who we are. 

Pete is a Canadian who grew up in a small family business and helped raise a family of his own.  He rose to Regional VP in a Fortune 500 technology company, ran a digital ID company and was business partner in an electronic health record initiative before meeting Matt and starting SiteSafe. 

Matt is an American with a proud family history in the military.  His family includes Ruby and Juno, a couple of big ol' loveable dogs.  Matt developed his IT talents working on healthcare, mobile app and GIS projects before working with Pete on the development of SiteSafe. 

We both feel strongly about helping our communities.  Call us anytime.  We are happy to get to know you!

Peter Baran

Chief Executive Officer

Matthew Powell

Chief Technology Officer