SiteSafe™ for Contributors

Reasons to Use SiteSafe™

Confidence in Credentials, Test Results 
and Memberships.

Professional credentials, test results and membership confirmations securely through SiteSafe.

Replace membership cards, paper certificates and confirmation letters with a simple app.

Keep the information private and secure.  Your information is never sold to anyone.



Get started within a day with our rapid start process.   Once your organization is validated and proper authorization confirmed, distribute credentials, certificates and test results using a simple fee app.


We offer a free batch upload for you to get started.  Then add and update your information any time you need to.  Need an automated interface?  We can provide that too.


Your information is kept encrypted on servers run by a North American Fortune 100  technology company hosted in North America behind state-of-the-art  security systems. .

Step One 
Contact SiteSafe

We will discuss your organization's needs and explain your options.   Then we will send you the necessary forms we need to confirm your organization and your authority to confirm memberships, professional credentials, trade certifications, educational certificates, test results, criminal record information, health test results or vaccination confirmations.  

Step Two
Register Your Account

Once we receive and validate the information in your forms, we will contact your designated administrator(s) to set-up your secure account and provide initial half-day web-based training.  If your designated administrator(s) need help afterwards, we provide on-line and phone support during business hours at no extra charge.   We want you to be able to use SiteSafe confidently.

Step Three 
Use it

If you have a large volume of members to get started, we offer a simple batch upload process.   Then use the app to add or update credentials, memberships and test results knowing that they will get to the right person securely.   If you are providing health results, we offer a simple app to track and add results using an anonymous, scannable code to protect client privacy.  As for all users, your members and clients can use the app for free.