SiteSafe™ for REALTORS

Reasons to Use SiteSafe™

Simple Safety
​Covid Self-Testing
Buyer and Showing Logs
​Simple Agent Disclaimers
​Safer Open Houses
​Automatic and Paperless

Do You Know 

Stopping people at risk of COVID-19 from being in your listings is one of the best ways to stop the spred.  The CDC Centre for Disease Control and Prevention estimates up to 60% of transmission comes from people who have symptoms but are either unaware, ignore it or simply fail to disclose it.  So why don't more businesses check people?  Because until now, it was hard to do.  And until now, REALTORS, had no fully mobile option that understands your needs and can automate everything. 

SiteSafe makes it easy for REALTORS to ensure everyone visitng your listings and every buyer is symptom free. 

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Do You Know 

Fully branded with your logo and name 
Show your innovation on your client's smart phone.

Automatic visitor logs 
No paper.  Nothing to manage.  Unattended operation.

Up-to-date COVID-19 self-tests
Visitors scan and complete in seconds.

Text Notifications
When visitors scan in, you get a text.

Feature Sheets

Your materials sent automatically right to their phone.

Buyer Feedback

Your survey sent automatically right to their phone.

Video and Social Links

Your marketing launched right from their phone.

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Easy One Click 
COVID Solution

Use your camera phone 

Scan the QR code when you enter

The app does the rest

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One click to create a visitor log and confirm what you need to know for safe entry to your listings. 


Works on IOS and Android devices.  No special equipment to buy or install.


No Bluetooth transmissions.  No information shared contrary to Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation.

Step One
Join a free 20 minute Getting Started webinar

Create you own REALTOR account and learn how to add your listings and use the advanced features of branding, customer feedback, feature sheets, etc. to help you build your business!    No credit card or contract required.  Then print your unique sign and you are done! 

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Step Two
Let your colleagues and visitors use it

Just open the camera on their Apple or Android device, scan the custom QR code on your entrance sign, and the app does the rest.   When they complete the simple built-in COVID-19 self assessment, you or the buyers agent will be able to see a simple pass/fail result.

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